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If you mix the colours you find out that...


Coral pink dresses

Kelly green ponds

The glow colour of human skin

I'm not making this up!

The Feminist Age
 +  The Green Age  =  The Golden Age

Sugar  +  Spice  =  Oh so nice!

So if you want to create Paradise, don't separate Girls from Nature like Greenpeace wants to do with the
Chagos Archipelago. Girls and Nature do quite well together! If you want to create Paradise on earth stop
supporting Greenpeace, and start supporting Girlpeace! At Girlpeace, we don't treat girls like kitty litter!

Girlpeace: helping humanity make peace with nature in order to create a Golden Era for both!
Girlpeace: encouraging both human and natural rights, not just environmental extremism.
Girlpeace: turning the earth into a clean oyster, not a natural museum only the rich can visit.

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«The solution [to the world's environmental problems] is a shift from conventional environmentalism,
which treats environmental problems like a medical disease, to a more holistic form of environmentalism,
which treats the environment like an integrated whole, and not merely as a sum of parts,
some more desirable, like the Chagos Archipelago, and some less so, like the Chagossians.»
— HMRD Cesidio Tallini
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